Wellcome Trust - Farmcare.

The Wellcome Trust with Farmcare has submitted a planning application for Castle Hill Farm.  Details of which can be found here.  If you wish to respond directly via CDC planning portal please click here.  Farmcare also would like to add:

The development proposal will allow us to centralize our in hand farming operations on to two sites, these being the ‘Old Airfield’ and ‘Castle Hill Farm’, which means that we can operate more effectively by reducing travel through the village to our various sites. The farm office, which is currently located at Manor Farm will move to Castle Hill, which will reduce the journeys currently made by our staff as they travel between the office and the Old Airfield through the Down Ampney village.

The provision of accommodation within the plans for harvest casual staff and full time farm staff will also have numerous benefits. Currently harvest casual staff are housed in empty estate properties or in temporary accommodation on the Old Airfield. The development will allow us to provide good quality on site accommodation more in line with modern standards and will also mean these staff do not have to commute into work through the village. Currently all full time staff, except for the farm manager, live off site. Moving some to live on site will reduce the number of journeys to and from work through the village. More importantly it will also bring closer links between the village community and the estate with the new residents becoming involved with village life and using the local services such as the shop, post office and the school.

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