Cotswold District Council recommended development sites.

Cotswold District Council have recommended the following development sites under the initial Local Plan consultation - these sites were reviewed by Villagers last year and our recommendations were put forward. Public comments were made from Friday 16th Jan - Friday 27th Feb - to view the document please go to:

The Parish Council urged any villager to submit their own comments through this consultation period, the Parish Council also submitted comments.

For further information on the Cotswold District Council Local Plan please click here.

The Wellcome Trust have secured the Co-op Farming business - please see the following link for more information:

The Down Ampney Parish Council held a meeting with a representative of the Wellcome Trust to understand their long term strategic plans for our area and to understand the process they wish to follow for our ongoing communication on matters relating to our village - an update will be provided on this significant change when available.

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Specific Site Information

Flood Map

Overall Site Map

Background Information

Rooktree Farm - Preferred Site

Broadleaze - Preferred Site

Dukes Field - Preferred Site

Rooktree Farm - Reserved Site

Chestnut Close - Not allocated for development

Broadway Farm

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