Outcome of Planning committee meeting held on 12th Sept

 1. Following outline planning permission being given on 9th May for the reserved matters application to build 44 dwelling at Broadway Farm, the Planning committee requested that the compliance application related to condition 7 ( foul drainage strategy), condition 8 (scheme of drainage), condition 9 ( scheme for surface water attenuation ) should be determined by the committee in order to ensure that the community’s concerns about drainage issues were satisfactorily addressed.

2. On 12th Sept, the Lead Local Flood Authority and the Council Engineer confirmed that sufficient information had been submitted to satisfy conditions 8 and 9 and Thames Water confirmed that Sanctuary had provided an indicative programme for the construction of the dwellings which meant they were happy to discharge condition 7.

3. The construction schedule provided by Sanctuary is as follows

Site start scheduled for Feb 2019

Show homes available from October 2019

Bulk of housing completed throughout 2020

Final completion of the site scheduled for December 2020

4. Cllr D Fowles presented the PC’s case following a request from the Chairman as well as his own presentation.

As agreed previously he showed support for the efforts of Sanctuary and made two statements

A) Real concern from the PC and. the community that was shared by the committee that Thames Water would not be able to repair their network in time to satisfy the addition of 44 houses. The officers accordingly agreed to write to Thames Water in the strongest terms to request that they adhere to the planned timetable.

B) Confirmation to the committee that Sanctuary were willing to look at the design, site layout and the percentage of affordable housing now that the new local plan had been approved on 3rd August.

The new local Plan reduces the percentage of affordable housing from 50% to 40% on green field sites and 30% on brown field sites.

5. After the meeting Sanctuary’s Jonathan Mullins confirmed his commitment to do the following

Revisit the site layout of 44 houses as promised

Revisit the design of the houses in terms of red brick etc

Consider reducing the percentage of affordable housing in line with the new local Plan

We await the next stage with Sanctuary

David Fowles


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