Broadway Farm Development

17th August 2018

Your Ward Member, David Fowles and I met with Sanctuary Developments last Wednesday to review the situation regarding the development at Broadway Farm.
It was evident until this time that Sanctuary were to go forward with the existing design as they now have consent to do so subject to them having the 'Compliance' matters dealt with at the next planning meeting.

However, intervention by our local MP has led to a situation whereby CDC planning Dept is now considering ways to facilitate an ease of planning condition and with Sanctuary giving our request serious thought.

CDC have giving an indication that the redistribution of houses (away from Linden Lea) and other matters COULD be dealt with by what is known as a 'Section 43a application that does not need to go to a full planning application. Sanctuary took this on board and will now consider the implications of redesign.

This does not mean that it is a 'given' that they will alter the site layout-  but they are serious about trying to satisfy the village and comply with planning procedure.

WE are to meet again wit Sanctuary later to hear their decisions.

Ray jenkins

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