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Broadway Farm Planning Application


​Notes related to CDC Planning Committee meeting on 9th May 2018 on Broadway Farm.

1. Introduction

This briefing note explains what happened at the planning meeting 9th May, why it happened, what has happened since and what the options are going forward to the next stage.

Given this document will be distributed to a wider audience than just the Parish Council, I have tried to explain some of the terminology to assist the process.

2. The background to the application and the decision to permit 17/03826/ REM

Sanctuary - Broadway Farm

Please see the attached note that summarises the main points of our correspondence with Sanctuary over Broadway Farm.

To see the correspondence with Sanctuary please click here.

Broadway Farm development - Introduction to Sanctuary

Sanctuary Group, a leading national housing and care provider, acquired the former Broadway Farm site in November 2016. We are excited to have this opportunity to bring additional high quality homes to Down Ampney and are committed to building properties that reflect the heritage of the village.

NEWS FLASH! CO-OP Planning Appeal

For the decision on the planning appeal made by the Co-op please click here.

The latest letter from CDC on the appeal can be found here.  Please note the timelines for responding.

Town and parish councils previously provided comments on potential development sites within their parish as part of the Local Plan Site Allocations process.

Wellcome Trust - Farmcare.

The Wellcome Trust with Farmcare has submitted a planning application for Castle Hill Farm.  Details of which can be found here.  If you wish to respond directly via CDC planning portal please click here.  Farmcare also would like to add:

The development proposal will allow us to centralize our in hand farming operations on to two sites, these being the ‘Old Airfield’ and ‘Castle Hill Farm’, which means that we can operate more effectively by reducing travel through the village to our various sites. The farm office, which is currently located at Manor Farm will move to Castle Hill, which will reduce the journeys currently made by our staff as they travel between the office and the Old Airfield through the Down Ampney village.

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