From Down Ampney Parish Council

Your Parish council met on the 2nd July to receive news that the negotiations with Sanctuary Developments had come to an end with them making the decision to build out the Broadway Farm development as per the existing planning consent. This means that the village requirements to amend the scheme would not now be considered.

This comes about for a number of reasons.

  • Whilst Sanctuary were at a point when they were seriously considering making changes to the scheme, they were advised that they had run out of time to submit ‘minor amendments’ and that a necessary full planning application to achieve the changes would cost them nearly half a million pounds.
  • t must be said that the dilatory approach by the developer, as they failed to have any dialogue with DAPC until very late in the day, was the precursor to missing the time scale, although their advisers failed to point out the time limitations.
  • Sanctuary were also dubious as to the reception they would receive under the new CDC administration as they wished to reduce the number of ‘affordable social homes’. The new administration’s mandate is to increase the number of such homes not reduce.
  • Within the discussions held with Sanctuary, it was requested that they contributed heavily toward resurfacing the playground. To this end they will consider this and write into the contractors remit that this be part of their ‘social contribution’ to the village. We hope this comes about as the play area will shortly be not fit for purpose.
  • This is not the outcome that we expected nor wanted but the development is now to go ahead with an expected start date of early 2020.

We understand that CDC are to review further land suitable for development from 2030.

This review will take place later this year and there would be public consultation.

We received money from our insurance broker related to repairs to the War Memorial that had sadly been damaged. There is a volunteer group set up to maintain the planted area that will be refreshed once the memorial has been repaired.

The village seat on the green has been repaired and thanks must go to Mr Andrew Higson for his helping hand.

Thanks also must go to all the ‘grandparents’ that turned out to help clean the playground furniture. Hopefully this will become an annual event when more parents may turn up.

We have been advised that the recycling bins in the village hall car park are to stay. There was an indication that they may have to be removed. However their permanence will be discussed at the next PC meeting.

Finally, the Parish Council wish to send their best wishes to all those involved at the village shop on its 21st Anniversary. Well done and long may it continue.
Please note that more help is needed by volunteers.

Ray Jenkins

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