District Councillor report

I have taken the decision to include Cllr. David Fowles report to circulate via the DA website and DA News as it contains important information.

Following our meeting with senior officers both David and I met with Cllr. Tony Berry (Lead CDC) in Private.

It was necessary to convey to him in no uncertain terms that we believe that greater consultation is necessary when development projects come along that would affect the community.

Broadway Farm and No 55 DA are prime examples whereby, given greater rapport with the developer, case officer and Parish Council, a better product could have be achieved. 

Whilst both projects are now 'water under the bridge' it is understood that Cllr. Berry has taken this on board and will work with CDC Planning to see of the system can be altered.

Cllr Fowles Report

1. At the annual Council meeting on 26th Feb, CDC confirmed that Council tax would be riding by 2% next which is lower that govt guidelines of 2.99%. Over 60 % of Councils in Uk are having to increase Council Tax but CDC still one of the most efficient Councils in UK.( See Council papers for full details)

2. CDC also approved a series of Council tax relief schemes in consultation with the CAB. (See Council papers for full details)

3. CDC also revised the proposals for the Waste service.( See previous emails from DF for details) . DF indebted to contribution made by DAPC which shows democracy in action

4. Broadway Farm. Despite having got outline permission and reserved matters consent, Sanctuary have demonstrated a willingness to make changes to the scheme in terms of reducing the number of affordable units, relocating certain properties to create more green space and also to alter the road layout to prevent a rat run.

An informal meeting was held at CDC involving the developer, the DAPC chairman, Cllr DF, head of planning, head of legal and the leader of the Council. 

Because of technical issues to do with the planning timetable, the current outline consent which was granted on 3rd March 2016 expired on 3rd March 2019 which although planning permission is still in force for two more years from the date of the reserved matters consent ( 20th May 2018 which runs until 20th May 2020) the issue of how to present planning changes now needs to be considered. Originally this was going to be via a reserved matters application but now most likely to be a section 73 application which the developer is willing to do and find

4. Other news is that the Waterloo car park is progressing to its next stage working with Stripe planning consultants but still some way off until the project build commences so we are now looking at temporary decked car parking on either the Station or Memorial hospital car park.

5. Decision to create an overall ward projects grant of £2500.00 had been to be used at the discretion of the Ward Councillor

6. Whilst this will be put in place for 2019/20, there is still funding available for the current year. Ideas welcome ASAP.

At the DAPC meeting held on 5th March it was with great regret that we took our leave of Cllr. Julia Job.

Awarded her OBE for recognition of her services to DA of many years, Julia has guided our committee with fact, action and fearlessness, helping to secure grants and help from all quarters.

Julia will be sadly missed and trust that she will now find time to take David away, enjoy her garden and watch the grandchildren grow.

Thank you Julia.

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