Wellcome Trust and Broadway Farm Update

10th July 2018

Down Ampney Parish Council

Your Parish Council met on the 3rd July and welcomed Mr. Richard Quinn from Farmcare who gave an update on the Estate's affairs at Down Ampney.
He confirmed that The Wellcome Trust had indeed pulled out of directly managing farms within their portfolio and have entered into an agreement with a company, as yet no name released, to take over the day to day running of the farming interest. Mr. Quinn also confirmed that the existing staff will be retained with James Taylor as farm manager.

Due to the cost of the proposed project to develop Castle Hill Farm Farmcare withdrew its application from CDC and are now looking at alternative schemes to utilise the area in a sympathetic and sustainable manner. They have undertaken to restore the listed buildings including the old cottage and barns whilst removing all the fire damaged barns.

Given that the new Minerals planning policy is being discussed for this area, a review of mineral extraction and its aftermath is being discussed. It has come to light that there is insufficient 'infill' available to restore the total area that is to be extracted and, as a consequence, it may mean that wetland areas need to be considered.
Your Council asked that the land adjacent to the village hub and Broadway Farm be properly farmed. It was agreed that if someone could be found to graze it they would seriously consider allowing it. However, we should understand that this land is still in the ownership of The Co-op who may have other 'fish' to fry!
We thanked Mr, Quinn for taking time to update us and regret that he is to leave Farmcare at the end of this year.

Broadway Farm Development.

Whilst we await Sanctuary Group to forward plans for dealing with water and sewage, little has progressed.
Sir Geoffrey Clifton Brown MP has written to CDC requiring explanation as to why the planning officers recommended that the matter go to vote on the reserved matters whn they were fully aware that your Council was in dialogue with Sanctuary and that a deferment was the right route to take.
Dr, Christine Gore, Director of Planning has replied giving what we believe is a 'white wash' of the planning officers' actions. The matter has not rested and we fight on.

Various other domestic issues were discussed. These included the installation of new notice boards and information boards strategically posted around the village.
The cost of these is quite substantial so external funding is being sought.
A full Health & Safety audit has been undertaken revealing several items that need attention. Quotes are now being sought to undertake these works.

May we remind villagers that overhanging hedges and brambles can and do cause concern. We request that those owners with such hedges have them cut.
Similarly, there are still several property owners that are allowing cars to be parked either wholly or partly on the footpath. Please remember that we have sight impaired individuals in the village and such thoughtlessness can cause injury.

Ray jenkins
Chairman Down Ampney Parish Council

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