Parish Council News

District Councillor report

I have taken the decision to include Cllr. David Fowles report to circulate via the DA website and DA News as it contains important information.

Following our meeting with senior officers both David and I met with Cllr. Tony Berry (Lead CDC) in Private.

It was necessary to convey to him in no uncertain terms that we believe that greater consultation is necessary when development projects come along that would affect the community.

Broadway Farm and No 55 DA are prime examples whereby, given greater rapport with the developer, case officer and Parish Council, a better product could have be achieved. 

February News

February has been a quiet month in terms of activity by the Parish Council.

We are coming up to the elections in May to elect your Parish Council for a further term. Sadly, I have received news from Cllr Julia Job BEM, that she has decided, after 25 years of continuous service, that it is time to retire from the council. This is a blow to DA as Julia, having spent the best part of her life in DA working with the Parish Council, both as Chair and committee member, has a wealth of history and knowledge of village affairs. Her presence and contributions at meetings will be sadly missed.

Parish Council meeting, held on 8 January

Dear Parishioners

Our Parish Council meeting, held on 8 January, covered a wide range of topics including an update on repairs to the highway and footpaths. A large amount of work has already been undertaken to the main road through Down Ampney. Next will be repairs to a long section of footpath between Acacia Cottage and the school, together with a section on the access road footpath into Broadleaze before April this year. The Highways Manager is also looking into the flooding that occurs in Broadleaze which is believed to be caused by a blocked culvert. Meetings are to be held with the Housing Association responsible for that area to ascertain liability.

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