Parish Council News

Wild Project

Please find attached electronic versions of the WILD Project materials which were presented to the parish council on Monday evening which include; map, full dataset and River Management Guide including a separate document reporting on progress of works carried out on the Ampney Brook (this was compiled earlier in the project for the grant funders of this work).  All of these documents can be found below.

The following two documents are referred to at the bottom of the dataset;

Gravel Extraction

The Parish Council met with Farmcare and the Hills Group to discuss the Welcome Trust's plans for Gravel Extraction on the outskirts of the Village by the old A419.  The information contained with the documents below will give you the relevant information on their plans.  The proposal is for all processing to be done at Hill's Cerney Wick plant and not near the village.

The documents below are the briefing note, proposed revised phasing plan, restoration plan and also an article on Hill's restoration work recently published in the Mineral Products Today magazine. All this information will shortly be available on Hill's website under Hills Group > Consult > Planning.

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