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Use of "Giant Voice" tanoy at RAF Fairford

21st June 2018

Dear Councillors,

You may be aware that RAF Fairford has a tanoy system (called the "Giant Voice") which is used to relay messages across the base during times of emergency.

To ensure the system is working correctly, the base is introducing a monthly test of the Giant Voice system. The first test will take place on Thursday 12th July, and will then take place routinely on the first Thursday of each month. The test will take place around 10:30 to 11:00am and will start with the words "Test Test Test" before going on to make a number of noises with different tones, and will finish with the words "test concluded'.

Castle Hill Farm - Update

25th April 2018

We are doing some work to tidy the place up and are proceeding with the refurbishment of the listed cottages this year.

The remaining development site though, to be candid has just created issue after issue. Following our planning application judgement, we have done some extensive work on the site and invested time and money into quantity surveying and a supplier tender to find that the cost of the work is hugely prohibitive, to the extent where we would lose circa £1m as a result of undertaking such work.

Speed Watch Group

20th April 2018

This initiative has run for the past two years with some limited success.

Unfortunately, due to the small number of volunteers coming forward it is becoming impossible to sustain teams of three to run the watch scheme during the weekly sessions.

A new co-coordinator is also required to take over the management of the scheme.

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