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A419 Missing Link - Update from A419 NAG group

3rd August 2018

-75% support for Option 30 which we backed, 2000 responses received.

  • Concern about noise pollution further down the A417/419 was one of the strands of feedback. I asked them about this and they said they would be working with their colleagues in HE to work out how to mitigate the noise.
  • Statutory consultation will now be Summer 2019 so that’s the time we have to get a formal submission in about noise.
  • Start of works late 2021 has gone back a little.
  • Road open to traffic Spring 2024.
  • There have been 6 deaths in the last 12 months at the spot.
  • Projected traffic to increase on A417 by 50% by the mid 2020’s.
  • HE are looking at taking back day to day management of the road from RMS in 2026 when the contract ends.

Braodway Farm Update

12th July 2018

The following email trail relates to activity made to address the Broadway Farm issue.
Ray jenkins
Chairman DAPC

Dear David
May I, on behalf of my community at large, thank you for writing this letter in the manner and tone that you have.

It would appear, from Dr. Gore's letter to Sir Geoffrey, that I was at fault to call out the planning officers for what I truly believe was misdirection. This at a time when we, Down Ampney Parish Council, had progressed in dialogue with the Sanctuary group in achieving mutual satisfaction related to our concerns at the Broadway Farm development.

Wellcome Trust and Broadway Farm Update

10th July 2018

Down Ampney Parish Council

Your Parish Council met on the 3rd July and welcomed Mr. Richard Quinn from Farmcare who gave an update on the Estate's affairs at Down Ampney.
He confirmed that The Wellcome Trust had indeed pulled out of directly managing farms within their portfolio and have entered into an agreement with a company, as yet no name released, to take over the day to day running of the farming interest. Mr. Quinn also confirmed that the existing staff will be retained with James Taylor as farm manager.

Due to the cost of the proposed project to develop Castle Hill Farm Farmcare withdrew its application from CDC and are now looking at alternative schemes to utilise the area in a sympathetic and sustainable manner. They have undertaken to restore the listed buildings including the old cottage and barns whilst removing all the fire damaged barns.

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