From Down Ampney Parish Council

Your Parish Council met on 2nd July to discuss village matters.

May & June has been very quiet in overall terms which may be interpreted as the 'lull before the storm'


With only minor planning matters coming to the front we await the major sites that are at appeal stage to be 



Cllr Spivey gave a report related to a number of reviews that are ongoing, all related to financial constraints and how local government is to practice in the future.

We were also reminded that there need be needs to be a review of local emergency procedures particularly in relationship with to RAF Fairford that is now ramping up activity.

Our new Clerk, Julia Kilminster, gave details of our fiscal position that remains healthy. The Neighbourhood Plan team have applied for grant aid to pay for an overview of the Section 16 paper that is to be submitted for scrutiny by CDC and an independent Inspector. The grant has been successful and paid into the Parish account.


At long last the kerbing has been repaired at the Poulton junction whist potholes in Oak Road have also been filled.

It appears that there is little or no chance of having Oak Road closed to traffic and after complaining about its state, it was agreed to have some work done to make it safe.

ANPR update

Cllr Matthews has been working closely with the group undertaking the test on efficiency of the speed cameras and also the police whose job it will be to monitor the operational side of things.

We are waiting for confirmation of what costs and ongoing charges are involved before a decision can be made to go ahead with this device.


There has been an abundance of growth to hedges this year.

May we please remind everyone that thay should cut back overhanging branches that obstruct the footpaths or brambles that create hazzards for the unway. Thank you.

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