From Down Ampney Parish Council

Anyone interested in fishing will know that June is a slow month to catch fish and it has been likewise for parish matters.


Cllr Ann Higson and our Clerk, Gail Dillon, have been working hard to raise the money to keep our playground open. Ann reports as follows:

“At the time of writing we have reached 60% of our target with approximately £15k still to be pledged. The good news is that CDC pledged £10k - the maximum amount. We also received several generous pledges from local people’’.

If you haven’t already done so please make your pledge NOW. It is an ‘all-or-nothing’ campaign which means we don’t get any money unless the whole target is reached. THEN THE PLAYGROUND MAY WELL CLOSE!

Pledges will only be charged if the project hits its funding target of £37936 by 31 July 2021.

Every pledge, however small helps us save our playground.  If you know of any local business that may care to make a pledge please direct them to:


Frankly, DAPC is bewildered by the lack of progress on Broadway Farm and it has been necessary to pressure the company to maintain its land holding.

Whilst the application is with CDC to develop Duke’s Field, there are a number of issues related to the site that have yet to be addressed. Cllr Tappern has repeatedly asked for information from CDC Planning Department on these issues and has yet to receive any answers.

There is a growing, general, local lack of confidence in the way that planning applications are now being dealt with. Many applications are being delegated to planning officers to form an opinion and decisions are being made behind closed doors.

There has been no further information on the possible planning application to develop Rooktree Farm

No further information on sewage disposal has come forward from Thames Water related to the application to develop Duke’s Field.


The concerns by other local parishes over gravel extraction and planning generally has led to the forming of an alliance between the following Parish Councils: Marston Meysey, Meysey Hampton, Castle Eaton, Cricklade, Latton and Down Ampney.

In so having an alliance we consider that it will add weight and pressure upon District and County Councils to address our concerns, which are not only parochial, but affect everyone in our area.

It is becoming obvious that Parish Councils are being side-lined when decisions are being made.


It has been custom and practise when small works have become necessary for a small band of volunteers, mainly elderly, to undertake such without payment OR thanks.

Given that these volunteers are somewhat older now, and there are very few local residents prepared to give time to help, we are moving towards employing a contractor to deal with these jobs which will have to be paid for.  Obviously this will impact our reserves but unfortunately this is the situation we find ourselves in.

We are seeking someone capable of undertaking minor works and ask if there is anyone in the village that might assist in this.  This occasional work may include small repair to equipment and local street furniture, as well as spraying weeds in the village hub car park and tennis court arears.

Please contact our Clerk or Chairman if interested.

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