March was the anniversary of ‘Lockdown’ and one year on we are still with the pandemic hoping that inoculations will provide us with safe passage through this worrying time. Restrictions are still in place but a gradual easing will help us regain some sense of ‘normality’. However, do please remain compliant with staying safe.

Your Parish Council met, yet again, by virtual means on March 2nd.

We were pleased to welcome two members of the parish who sat with us throughout the meeting.

A number of general matters were discussed but the following were of significant importance.

It was noted that the application to extend Alpena was refused.

Broadway farm
is understood that all legal obligations have now been met and that progress is being made to make a start on building. It is not yet confirmed as and when this will take place. Comment has been made by CDC related to finishes on buildings such as type of stone and brick, mortar colour and roofing materials. These are being addressed by Sanctuary.

Duke’s Field
Productive discussions were held with the developer in producing a scheme that would have been acceptable. However, we are now advised that CDC have insisted on the introduction of flats and a bungalow into the mix of ‘social’ housing that is, in our opinion, incongruous to Duke’s Field overall.  The Parish Council will now consider its position with this application whilst CDC have failed to either communicate, or consult with us on this issue.

Much progress has been made in addressing the application for funds via CDC’s crowd-funding programme and we await with interest how successful this will be. Other avenues are being explored whilst generous donations have been made or pledged by local residents. 

This process is being pursued to fund both repairs to the play area as well as supporting the installation of a speed camera in the village.

Whilst not discussed at the meeting this issue has not gone away.

This continues unabated with builders’ waste being dumped in a ditch on the back road to Welford junction. Large amounts of fast food packaging, together with drug taking materials have been dumped near the Mole roundabout. Both police and CDC informed.

As part of the support to provide information to visitors a small notice board has been installed at the village ‘Preaching Cross’. Thanks go to Pam Varey who provided the historic script.

You may have noticed, whilst out walking, that the area surrounding the memorial stone has been cleared and cleaned. Hills Aggregates have kindly undertaken this work on behalf of the village and will shortly be installing new fencing to clearly demark the memorial centre. Our thanks to them for doing this.

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