Appeal for funding

Down Ampney Parish Council has two major problems that it needs to address in the very near future. It is reaching out to companies that may consider helping to remedy this by making a contribution toward the overall costs related to these issues.

Some 20 years ago a play area was created adjacent to the village shop which sported a soft base that was required for the health and safety of the children that used the equipment. This has now shown marked wear and distress and requires replacement. The estimated cost replacing the material is expected to be £30,000.

You may also be well be aware that traffic passing through the village has increased and has certainly speeded up. There will be no regular police speed traps and the local speed watch initiative failed due to the lack of volunteers.
It is now possible to install an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera, linked to the police national computer. This will record all traffic and speeds passing through the village – both ways – and relay the data to the police who will then take action against offenders.
Down Ampney Parish Council is actively considering such an installation at an estimated cost of £10,000. There are no grants available for this unit.

The parish funds are healthy but cannot sustain paying for both these items. Therefore, we are seeking generous benefactors who would care to contribute towards these costs.

Should your company, someone you know or you be willing to consider gifting money toward either of these projects a member of the council would like to hear from you.
Thank you for your kind consideration

Ray Jenkins
Chairman Down Ampney Parish Council

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