We greet all with wishes of a safe and more ‘normal’ New Year and the hope that with the rolling out of the new vaccine life may return to something close to what it was.

This month sees Cllr Karen Dangerfield retire from our Parish Council committee where she will be sorely missed. We thank her for all that she has done but understand that she will still be the eyes and ears of the Poulton road section of Down Ampney. Best wishes Karen.


The expectation that the airfield would be upgraded to receive a number of surveillance aircraft has been reversed.

While the airfield will remain operational there will be no dramatic increase in personnel or aircraft.


More survey works are being carried out and it is still unclear as to when the scheme will actually start.


We are aware that the field between Duke’s Field houses and The Pheasantry has been sold to a developer and that their site investigations are underway. DAPC has been in touch with the likely developer to understand their early proposals and to keep local residents appraised. At the time of writing, we are awaiting final details of the scheme which is to be submitted for planning. However, the intention is to build 10 units with 4 being ‘affordable houses’ as per the planning regulations in place at the present time.


These have now been removed from the Village Hall car park leaving just the clothing bin.


Two information boards have been erected, one at the shop and the other at the church. We hope these prove useful to visitors and general walkers as the public and permissive footpaths are shown clearly.


The condition of the memorial area in a less than satisfactory state and action has been taken to upgrade the site. This will include new fencing and planting.

The Wellcome Trust, through Farmcare have agreed to grant a licence to DAPC to formally allow us to hold commemorations and have general access to the site.

Also, both Farmcare and Hills Aggregates are to finance the replacement of the boundary fence. Hills will also supply machinery to clear the site of rubbish and weeds etc.  We are asking the War Memorial Trust to recognise the area so dedicating it permanently to those killed in action during the Arnhem and D-Day operations.


Once again, we has asked our CDC Ward Councillor for clarification of why the promised referendum has not been carried out to ascertain what we, the electorate, wish to have in the way of disposing of green waste.  It has been pointed out that many people are resorting to travelling to Fosse Cross to dispose of waste OR taking the easy way out and fly tipping!  We await an answer


The police mounted a speed camera check on the main Down Ampney Road for a short period in early December. Within the space of 20 minutes 7 cars were logged over the speed limit and they will be prosecuted.

 Cllr, Matthews is progressing detail of an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Registration) camera that may be installed subject to the police taking an active role in monitoring data. Subject to the police agreeing to monitor the scheme, which is highly likely, there will be a need to seek additional funding by grant or fund raising.

There is no doubt that traffic has increased along with the speed of travel and requires to be properly controlled.

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