From Down Ampney Parish Council

Your Parish Council met via zoom on 1st November welcoming two members of the public who ‘sat’ with us.

We are, once again, in the middle of a ‘lockdown’ situation demonstrating how powerful and devastating the Covid 19 virus can be. We urge you all to adhere to the regulations and advice given us by the Government, however onerous that may be.  While taking healthy exercise of walking in the countryside, you are again asked to respect open farmland and animals, keeping to the footpaths and having your dogs on leads at all times.   It has been reported that vandalism to way-markers has occurred on the old airfield which is both unhelpful and childish. This does nothing to encourage the owners to open up more routes later.


Once again, vandalism has occurred in these facilities. Repairs have been undertaken by a contractor at a cost of £350, money out of the general funds of the village. The parish council will not hesitate to take action against anyone found damaging the area.

On a positive note, Cllr Ann Higson is very pleased to say that three parents of young children have offered to help keep an eye on the play areas and also to raise money in the new year for additional equipment and contribute to the cost of a new surface.


Owing to misuse of these bins, namely by commercial operators and those leaving bags of rubbish the decision has been taken to have them removed. Only the clothing depository will remain. Residents have their doorstep collections and the village café and hall will organise a sealed waste bin for their own purpose.


The Parish Council is arranging, again, to contract out the grass cutting throughout the village and has sent proposals to three professional landscape gardeners for their response and quotation.  A new contract is required for the 2021 season onward.


We, again, made clear to Cllr Spivey that CDC had not honoured its commitment to have a referendum on what people would wish to see happen regarding the frequency of green waste collection. Currently the existing ‘fortnightly’ collection is proving vastly unhelpful, particularly in the autumn when pruning and general tidy-up can fill bins in a matter of minutes.


As a village, we have not received one penny from what is known as ‘Sect 106’ and latterly CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) from any housing development, unlike other villages in our locality. Cllr Spivey has been asked to find out why and ensure that we receive what we are due when further development, such as Duke’s Field and the building behind the Old School House, happens in DA.


We are making headway in ensuring that the memorial is a fit and proper place to honour those who died in this operation. The site is not yet recognised as a National Monument and an approach is being made to the War Memorials Trust to do so.

Hills Aggregates have kindly offered funds and the use of machinery and the parish council has allocated a further sum to provide fencing around the stone.

Unfortunately, of late, the area in front of the gates has been used as a rubbish dump and meeting place for young people.  With drugs being used the police have been advised and are patrolling there.


Finally a contact has been made with the police regarding this matter but the outcome has left us no further forward in getting some control over this issue.

However, we have been promised that IF we can find out who is organising the events that clog our main and bye roads then the police will approach the organisers to ensure that we are both advised properly of the event and that more strict rules shall apply to the volume and pattern of riders that come through here.


Good progress is being made investigating the feasibility of installing NPR (number plate recognition) and speed check of individual vehicles travelling through DA. A full project analysis is underway with the intention of using high tech equipment now recognised by the police that can work both day and night. 

Without doubt traffic, both local and that using our roads as a ‘rat run’, is getting faster and we need to curb this before an accident happens.


Ending on a very happy note we have had a very kind offer to organise and supply a full Christmas lunch to anyone who will be alone in DA on Christmas Day.  If you will be on your own, or should you know of anyone likely to be alone, on this special day would you kindly advise a member of the council as early as possible.

To everyone in Down Ampney, the parish Council members wish you all good health and happiness in this unusual time.

Happy Christmas, stay safe and best wishes for the New Year

Down Ampney parish Council


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