From Down Ampney Parish Council

Your parish council met on September 1st, again virtually owing to ongoing restrictions on public meetings. We welcomed one member of the public who attended the meeting.

During the meeting, routine matters were discussed including finance and planning.
Village finances are in good order. We are awaiting confirmation from the Sanctuary Group that they would assist in paying for the replacement soft play area which is badly in need of repair. Should they not do so then the parish council will, by necessity, have to pay for this work at some stage in the near future. We are advised that the replacement cost of the soft play area is in the region of £30k

The increase in perceived speeding traffic through the village highlights the need for better control. Options have been considered and discussions have started with the police to accept dealing with on-line number recognition equipment installed by the PC, which would be installed subject to Sanctuary taking on the task of re-laying the soft play area. Budgets on both these projects are costly. The estimated cost of speed cameras we are advised is approx. £10k per unit plus attendant running costs.

A letter has been written to our member of parliament concerning the effect of cycle racing through the village. Physical disturbance by groups of racing cyclists has caused distress to a number of residents, particularly the elderly when trying to cross the road to go to the village shop, as well as causing difficulty for residents to get out onto the main road!
We await a reply.

It has become apparent that the recycling bins at the Hub are being used by commercial bodies wishing to dispose of bottles without paying to do so. Recently there has been a spate of someone depositing rubbish bags which is totally unacceptable.

As a result the council is discussing whether or not to dispose of the bins with the shop and hall organising their own lockable bin for their use only. This matter will be finalised at the next meeting in November and the public are asked to make any representations to councillors if they have an opinion before that date.

CDC have relocated and installed the dog poo bins around the village. Whilst there has been comment concerning a few locations, the bins have been placed to allow the waste operator to collect easily and takes into account where people are trying to dispose of / or leaving waste.

Cllr. Ann Higson is looking for volunteers to form a committee to deal with care and maintenance of the MUGA and play areas at the village hub.
If you would like to help, please contact her directly.

Finally, I would like to pass our thanks on behalf of the Parish Council to all the kind ladies that have given their time, energy and skill in making the freely distributed face masks. A wonderful coming together of volunteers helping to keep us safe. Thank you all.

Also, there are others in this village that have given so much in providing help for the vulnerable and providing ‘scrubs’ to our local hospitals. In this troubled time the goodness of our village folk has shone through.

Down Ampney Parish Council

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