From Down Ampney Parish Council

August has been a relatively quiet month in terms of council activity but, behind the scenes, progress has been made on discussions with the Co-op seeing abandoned cottage gardens tidied and odd areas, finally, cut.

Our attentions are now drawn to the sale of both the two cottages near the war memorial and, more importantly, the offer to sell the orchard land to their rear, as well as the vacant land on the corner of Duke’s Field.  We are concerned that, once again, there is risk of over development. Given the experience of seeing what happened in the garden of No 55 DA we need a concerted effort to try to contain the numbers of new houses on both these plots.

We have been approached by Hills, the gravel extractors in partnership with The Wellcome Trust, who plan to extract gravel on the airfield and land adjacent to Latton.  There will be a public consultation at some stage prior to a planning application being submitted and local residents will be advised accordingly.

GCC Highways have undertaken a large amount of work in the village, including the repair of a badly damaged footpath and access together with replacing a safety barrier at the school.

Your council has invested in two new dog mess waste bins together with other items that will draw attention to mess left behind by unthinking dog owners. The bins will be erected at strategic points where we trust that dog walkers will use them.

We have received a number of complaints concerning antisocial behaviour created by noisy house parties and barking dogs.  During this altogether stressful time, and the ongoing hot weather, we ask residents to be mindful and considerate to their neighbours.  If you are troubled by persistent dog barking please do not hesitate to contact the Dog Warden at the CDC.

Once again we had need to cordon off an activity play unit owing to damage.

It was unfortunate that repair was delayed for various reasons. However, would parents kindly ensure that the play area equipment is used properly with their children under supervision whilst not hesitating to report any damage that may occur.

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