February 2020 Newsletter

Your Parish Council met on the 7 January to discuss various matters as related below.

Cllr Andrew Doherty kindly updated the committee on progress toward rolling out the new waste collection scheme programmed to start during March. It was stated that there will be reductions in green-bin waste collections with a suspension, yet to be decided upon, but most probably in December/January. The cost of an annual license for the bin will also rise with an indication of £5 per year over the next three years. The detail of the scheme is still to be finalised and advisory letters are to be sent to residents.
It was also stated that the bag to take cardboard waste was to be bigger and that the refuse collectors may not take any cardboard, left at the roadside, outside of this bag.

Indicated also was that parking charges are to rise and the system to become ‘cashless’.

The Parish has received a quantity of tree saplings from the charity “I dig trees”. It is envisaged that the majority of the trees will be planted in the new graveyard but some also to augment the planting scheme along the permitted footpath between the Hub and Linden Lea.

It was noted that a planning application to extend Cranleigh in Church Road was refused.
An indication of what is to happen with the ‘old builder’s yard’ is still awaited.

The proposed budget was discussed and accepted, whilst there was debate on the level of precept. By vote it was agreed to raise the level of precept by 2% in the coming fiscal year. This is due to rising costs generally.

Bromfords, having agreed to undertake repairs to a drain in Broadleaze, have started work to rectify the problem. It remains to be seen what effect this has on the flooding that happens there.

A meeting with the Co-op’s Agent to discuss various matters related to their retained holdings in the village has taken place. We await answers to our concerns and action in remedying such.

A meeting has been held with CDC’s Environmental Officer to discuss the ever increasing amount of fly tipping. This was in particular to the materials dumped in the gateway on ‘Back Road’. The officer was extremely helpful and incriminating evidence was found in the waste. CDC are intent on clamping down on such matters and are prosecuting wherever possible.

With best wishes from Down Ampney Parish Council
Ray Jenkins

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