The members of DAPC wish you all a very happy New Year.

In this new year we shall see many changes to how the UK fares in the leaving of the EU and what the new Government will try to do within their power and available money. We are promised better funding for the NHS, road repairs and much else. Let us hope some of this rubs off on Down Ampney.

There has been one or two successes over the past month in that the damaged bridge has, at last, been repaired following its demolition earlier in 2019 and we are pleased to say that communications have been restored between the Co-op and DAPC. A meeting with their Property Director proved rewarding and a direct line has been established to allow us to discuss matters, such as planning and property maintenance, with senior management and local surveyors. It was stressed that there are a number of areas of land, still in their ownership, which are basically wastelands and do nothing to enhance our village. We have asked that these are tidied up and where possible let out to graziers.

With regard to planning, it is believed their intention will be to slowly dispose of the various areas surrounding the village. This will almost certainly involve the Co-Op seeking planning consents and we must be vigilant to ensure that any proposed development is discussed with our planning committee.

We trust that everyone has enjoyed the festive season and can look forward to Spring and all the daffodils that will brighten our days.
Best wishes to all
Ray Jenkins

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