Your Parish council met on 5 November and missed bonfire night!

We welcomed two representatives of the police who gave a report on how policing happens in the area. Funding cuts and vacancies have meant that ‘manpower’ has been stretched with only one warranted police officer covering our Parish together with 29 others. He is assisted by two PCSO’s whilst awaiting another to join the area. Two recent burglaries were discussed, however no arrests have been made.
We are to receive regular contact with the police at future meetings to consider, and be advised of, any problems in our Parish.

Cllr Lisa Spivey brought the meeting up to date on the activities of the A419NAG group (the group of local villages fighting to have the A419 concrete section re-surfaced to reduce noise). She requested more people respond to the Highways England proposals to complete the ‘Missing Link’ (a dual-carriageway by-passing the Air Balloon pub on the A417) and to make issue of the fact that they are disregarding public concerns about the noise levels emanating from the concrete section of this road. Your Council has responded.

We welcomed Cllr Andrew Dohety (CDC portfolio-holder for waste) who gave reasoned argument for changes to the ‘green waste’ collections. Whilst unilateral disquiet was expressed by the committee, particularly about the opportunity to consult with the public over changes, it would appear that the matter is a ‘done deal’ but we await confirmation.

A meeting has been held with Sanctuary concerning updates to the development of the houses on Broadway Farm. Following representation to them the name Ampney Meadows will be reconsidered and revert back to Broadway Farm. It was thought that building works will not commence until May 2020.

It was confirmed that Sanctuary were to include the cost of refurbishing the play area ‘soft play’ surface in the building contract. This was obviously a welcome comment.
We asked if they would start clearing the footpath from Linden Lea to the Hub and to allow trees to be planted along the grass strip. This is being considered and the council are making representations to CDC to allow this as part of the overall landscaping scheme approved by them. Contractors are to start hedge trimming along the roadside at a date to be fixed.

A meeting was held with Bromford Housing Association to discuss the flooding at Broadleaze and remedial works required. Present were Cllr Shaun Parsons, Cllr Lisa Spivey, Richard Gray GCC Highways Manager and your Chairman. Following forceful discussion with Bromfords, which was followed up by a letter to their Head of Property Development there appears to be resolution to undertake works to rectify the flooding with a degree of urgency. We await results of our combined action against them.

Following a letter sent to RAF Fairford concerning the smell of aviation fuel on several mornings we have received a reply stating that it was an unfortunate occurrence caused by atmospheric conditions but was considered not to cause any health issues in the locality. This was confirmed at our Parish meeting by Cllr Dohety who stated that tests had proved that the risk was ‘minimal’.

Cllr Dangerfield has raised an issue that we have yet to receive any indication from Wellcome Trust as to where permitted footpaths are to be found on Down Ampney Estate. This matter is to be followed up as it is holding up the delivery of the village information boards.

Two sets of Christmas lights are to be placed on the village notice boards. We hope and trust that villagers will welcome this. We understand that carols are to be sung on 18 December starting at the village green.

The question of removal of the waste bins at the village hub is to be reconsidered. A decision will be made after consultation with the Village Hub management and members of the Parish Council.
An approach is to be made to the Co-op to clear the ditch located at the community garden. They have agreed to meet with members of the Parish council in early December to discuss this and other matters generally

Ray Jenkins Nov 2019

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