From Down Ampney Parish Council

Work to restore the War Memorial has now been completed. We must thank Elizabeth for donating and planting the shrubs, Ray for donating bulbs as well as Ann and Andrew for donating bags of compost. A job well done, thank you.

Repairs have been undertaken to the play furniture that was recently vandalised. This is at a cost to the village of £80. Whilst we have an indication as to who was responsible, there is insufficient evidence to take matters further. The police have been informed and are prepared to act should such mischief happen again.

As a result of an initiative by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee that organised a ‘speed and volume’ survey’, we have asked the police to undertake speed traps in the village. Hopefully these will happen soon. It is evident that vehicles are exceeding the 30 mph speed limit with the greatest transgressions on the Poulton Road.

It is with thanks to those volunteers who have now planted over a 1000 daffodil bulbs and we await spring to see the fruits of their labour. No doubt the flowers will make a welcoming show to those coming into DA.

Green waste disposal is again on the list of subjects that CDC are considering in their budgetary control. Although we believed that this matter had been signed off by the previous administration it appears that there has been an about-turn on how and when collections are to be made. The subject will be discussed at the November PC meeting when the ‘Portfolio’ holder for waste disposal shall be present.

No doubt walkers on the footpath on the airfield will have noticed areas that have been fenced off. This is in readiness for planting hedgerows to screen gravel workings in the future. The footpath remains the same that leads to the Whelford road and you are asked not to use the style that may be misinterpreted as offering access to that path. Farmcare are to erect appropriate signs shortly to direct walkers.

There has been a major sewage leak to the rear of properties near Charlham Lane.
Dog walkers are advised to ensure that their animals do not walk over the area (the pipework has recently been repaired) as there may still be residue sewage there.
You are also asked to keep dogs on their leads at all times OR under CLOSE control.

Pressure has been brought to bear on Bromfords regarding the issues on drainage at Broadleaze. Bromfords commissioned a CCTV survey some months ago which shows a disruption in the drain that is causing the flooding. Since that time nothing has been proposed or done to alleviate the problem.
Following further threat of action, they have suggested a simple line clean of the existing drain which will not solve the issue.
Therefore we are pressing them to establish how the matter can be resolved by extending the drain to another soakaway.

Ray Jenkins
Nov 2019

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