Ghana -The Young Shall Grow International (TYSGI) Ghana Volunteer Programme in collaboration with African Adventures

West Africa- Keto Volta Region
30th March to 12 April, 2019.

Ghana was the most rewarding, eye opening and amazing trip of my life. Around every corner there was something new to me, from delicious food to the shocking living conditions some of the Ghanaian locals were living in.

But the best thing about the trip was the happiness of all the people we met, when we were in the classroom teaching all the children a Math's lesson each and every one of them had a smile on their face.

I learnt so much about their laid back culture, you can rush in that kind of heat! The bus would be late most days so we just had to adapt and take it in our stride.

We worked for a week with the children in the local school, I taught Math's and English lessons every day with a lot of sport thrown in too. We even had a football match against the top female football team in the local district who were unbeaten... Until we came along!! 3-2!! On dusty, rock hard and in extremely hot conditions!

We then has a weekend trip away for some down time, we travelled up north t the Volta region which was rainforest and waterfalls, such a contract to the where we were at the school. We fed monkeys and walked to the tallest waterfall in west Africa called Wli Falls, this was such an amazing sight to see and I will remember that trip for ever.

We then returned back to Woe and went back to work with the children, the school had over 400 children from little toddlers to aged 18, we were teaching ages 5-7 yr olds.

We had wonderful evenings dancing around the fire on the beach, watching the fisher men bring in their catch, dancing and singing with the children, experiencing new music and food and meeting such kind wonderful people.

I could not have experienced any of this with out your help, I really can not thank my village and community enough. Thank you so much to all the villagers who bought, sponsored and just donated. THANK YOU

A huge THANK YOU to DAFFERS too, if there are any young people in the village who are doing any thing similar to me then you really should speak to DAFFERS they were very very kind and donated to my volunteer trip.

Tui Rokotuni

Deer Park School Year 10

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