From Down Ampney Parish Council.

Grant aid has become difficult to achieve in recent years for obvious reasons. There now exists in Cirencester a new facility to down load relevant information from a central source concerning the various bodies where funding can be applied for. Down Ampney Parish Council has subscribed to join this facility at nominal cost. A number of councillors are to receive training in its use so that we may pursue grants wherever possible for our benefit.

A meeting has been held with the GCC Footpath's Officer whereby various problems concerning public access to land was discussed. The condition of two footpaths in DA were investigated and a course of action agreed.

One path, in particular, needing urgent attention, due to root damage to the tarmac overlay, led to a leter being sent to our GCC Councillor, Shaun Parsons, requesting funds that can be used to address this matter. This is ongoing.

We also received a number of new 'way markers' that will replace those lost or need renewing.

GCC Highways have approached DAPC to ask if we have any specific projects that can be considered in the forthcoming fiscal year. We intend to ask for further work to be done on pavements but would welcome any suggestions as to other projects that could be included ?

There have been several serious complaints received about unauthorised activity at Duke's Field in both adjacent field and copse.

It appears that someone has taken it to hand to cut saplings and hedge growth in the field opposite the houses along a ditch line.

The field belongs to the Co-op and, as such, without explicit authority no one should have done this.

The agent has been informed and we await to find out what action, if any, is to be taken.

Similarly, someone has been entering the copse adjacent to Duke's Field and has been seen removing timber, presumable for firewood, which again is unauthorised.

This copse also remains the property of the Co-op and DA residents have been given permission to access the permissive footpath only.

All the fallen timber should remain as it is for ecological benefit to wildlife.

Please remember that the permissive path was hard fought to obtain and the owner can, at any time, withdraw such consent to use the area.

Down Ampney Parish Council

April 20019

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