Neighbourhood Plan and Village Facilities meeting on Friday 7th December 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended the village meeting on a cold and dismal night.

Barbara Pond of GRCC explained what a Neighbourhood Plan is and benefits of having a Down Ampney NP.

She explained that the Cotswold District Council Local Plan 2011 – 2031 was adopted in August this year. This identifies potential development sites in towns and villages in the CDC area. A NP cannot contradict the content of the CDC Local Plan. But it allows us some input on layout, design and construction, parking, green spaces, and protected trees. With a NP we have to be listened to.

The Local Plan is in force until 2031. This seems a long way away but it’s only 12 years!

A copy of the CDC Local Plan 2011-2031 is available in the Village shop (to view or borrow). Pages for Down Ampney are 54, 55 & 56.

Key points:

  • A NP would help to re-inforce our existing development boundary.
  • Funding is available to help in the production.
  • One of the main advantages of a NP is the Community Infrastructure Levy money which would be £8000 for a 100 metre square house. If we don’t have a NP, the Parish receives £1200. But with a NP that would be £2000 per house.
  • It is a village effort – villagers must be involved (not only the Parish Council).
  • Timescale to produce she believed to be approx. four years.
  • The NP can only be produced with village input and help.
  • Our Neighbourhood Plan can be up-dated in a few years to show where we prefer development to be and its design.

Barbara handed out forms on the evening listing topics covered in a NP showing areas of work requiring help from the village community. Fifteen forms were filled in on the night – those people should now have been contacted. If you have not been contacted please get in touch with either of the two councillors listed below.

The next step is to start production of the NP.

A meeting will be held in early January to form a resident’s steering group. Anybody who was unable to attend the meeting on Dec 7th and would like to be involved, there are forms in the village shop for you to indicate your interests. Please return to the village shop, or alternatively give to Geoff or Ann by 6th January 2019.

Please note that involvement can be as little or as much depending on the time you can give.


David Job then gave a short report on the state of the shop where it was hoped to employ a manager and extend the facilities. He, however, stressed the need for more volunteers.

Geoff Tappern

Ann Higson

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