With Christmas behind us may I, on behalf of the Parish Council, wish you all a healthy and happy new year.

Looking forward to 2019, we await details of how Broadway Farm will finally be built out, subject to confirmation on final reserved matters and 'minor' amendments.
We are pleased that CDC have accommodated Sanctuary in their consideration of these matters that will, we trust, work in our village's favour.

May I also thank GCC Highways for giving the village additional money toward road and footpath repairs. they are quite noticeable and welcome.

During December we had two highlights. The first being the planting of the 'Peace Tree' by children of our school. I believe that they will cherish this oak, watching it grow as they grow, being a constant reminder of the end of WW1 and those of our village who lost their lives.

Secondly, we had a great turnout at the village meeting on the 7th December to usher in the Neighbourhood Plan. Thanks must go to Barbara Pond, Cllrs Geoff Tappern and Ann Higson for organising the event. All we need now is for local residents to volunteer to help in the task of putting this document together.

We also held a meeting with the GCC Footpaths Officer who gave good advice to our Parish Officer, Karen Dangerfield. We now possess details of footpaths in our parish which will be interpreted onto the advisory plans that will shortly go onto the information boards.

With every good wish

Ray Jenkins

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