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Appeal for funding

Down Ampney Parish Council has two major problems that it needs to address in the very near future. It is reaching out to companies that may consider helping to remedy this by making a contribution toward the overall costs related to these issues.

Some 20 years ago a play area was created adjacent to the village shop which sported a soft base that was required for the health and safety of the children that used the equipment. This has now shown marked wear and distress and requires replacement. The estimated cost replacing the material is expected to be £30,000.


Snow, rain and floods but thankfully no plague of locusts! There has certainly been some bad weather issues this last month that have caused problems in the village. There are now many more dogs being seen around, but quite a number of these are still off the lead. You are, however, required to ensure that they are firmly under control.

The Down Ampney Estate have erected a number of ‘No Access’ signs on the old airfield and Castle Hill as numbers of people have been seen walking off the footpaths, including crossing fields when they should not. Please ensue that you take heed of this as there is a risk that the permissive footpaths may be withdrawn.

From Down Ampney Parish Council

2021 and another lockdown. It is a very strange life that we are all leading at the moment trying to adhere to the warnings of STAY SAFE. SOCIALLY DISTANCE & WASHING YOUR HANDS. So far we have been relatively lucky in our village with only a few people having come into contact with carriers of the virus and having to self-isolate. Let us all pray that this disease can be controlled.

Praise must go to the ‘Ladies who sew’ who are gallantly still making masks that are for sale in the village shop and have given money to a number of local charities, including those in Down Ampney, from the profit made from this worthy task.

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