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Councillor Vacancies

CDC has now advised DAPC that it can move forward with co-opting two new councillors.

If you are interested in putting yourself forward please contact the clerk to register your interest either on 01285 851893 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The council will meet the following week to discuss and appoint two new councillors and confirm co-option to ensure the new councillors are in place by the next

Parish Council meeting and the AGM on Tuesday 1st May 2018.

Parking vehicles on the footpath

It has come to our notice that there are still some residents in the village, on the main Down Ampney road, that continue to park vehicles on the footpath.

This has led to one of our severely disable resident, who is blind, being somewhat distressed by walking into a car and then having to negotiate traversing onto the road.

May we remind you that it is ILLEGAL to park, or obstruct the footpath, and the Parish Council will inform the police to take action.
There is nothing wrong in parking on the road. In fact this is beneficial as it tends to slow speeding traffic.

Could You Help?

We are looking for help to improve the standard of reading within the Village School. We are looking for people who could spare an hour a week during term time to listen to individuals children's reading, to get to know a small group of individuals and to encourage them to enjoy the reading experience.

If you think you can help, please contact the school secretary, Mrs Sharon Woodruff on 01793 750294 or The Rev'd John Swanton, School Governor on 01285 851309

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