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Roadworks in Down Ampney - Update

10th October 2018

It has been confirmed that the roadworks in Down Ampney are the responsibility of BT.

A strongly worded letter has been sent to GCC Highways for onward transmission to BT requiring action and we await results.

There is little more we can do other than keep chasing.


Road Works Down Ampney

9th October 2018

Many people have expressed concerns about the continuing restrictive roadworks at the Poulton end of the village.

Whilst the Parish Council have no jurisdiction over planned works it has been trying, with little success, to find out who is responsible and when they intend to return and complete the works.

Phone calls and various emails have been made to the statutory undertakers but there has been on acknowledgement nor action.

This is regrettable BUT the blame is not with the Parish Council.
Cllr Ray Jenkins

 Hope for people suffering from noisy road

13 August 2018 – Embargo; immediate

 An action group from along the A419/A417 has welcomed a commitment from roads bosses to sort out excess noise from the dual carriageway.

 The issue of noise from the road has been rumbling on for residents since it was first built in 1998. Various attempts to reduce the sound have been made over the years and the action group, A419NAG (Noise Action Group), was formed in 2012. It has been lobbying on behalf of residents all along the notorious road.

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