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Human Poppy

Please watch the video below that has been released to drum up interest for the human poppy.

This video is also on The Barn Theatre Facebook page and will shortly be on the We Remember 1918 Event Page

Are you sitting comfortably?

 A small group of industrious ladies in Down Ampney have embarked on a winter project – to make cushions for the pews at All Saints’ Church in the village. To be honest the pews aren’t the most comfortable and new cushioning will provide a little more comfort for those attending services, events and concerts in the church.

During the Vaughan Williams Festival, the Village Stall raised £600 selling cakes and handmade goods and this is being put towards the project – but we need about another £600 to cover the costs.


From GCC Amey Cover

Good Afternoon.

First can I apologize for the length of time the traffic lights have been in this location.

We had a problem here with flooding. We had a CCTV survey carried out  and it appears there is a pipe running through our drainage system.

I have been trying to find out who this belongs too and I am not having any luck.

I visited site this morning to take a look to see if there is any way we could redirect our drainage.

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