Down Ampney News

Castle Hill Farm - Update

25th April 2018

We are doing some work to tidy the place up and are proceeding with the refurbishment of the listed cottages this year.

The remaining development site though, to be candid has just created issue after issue. Following our planning application judgement, we have done some extensive work on the site and invested time and money into quantity surveying and a supplier tender to find that the cost of the work is hugely prohibitive, to the extent where we would lose circa £1m as a result of undertaking such work.

Councillor Vacancies

12th april 2018

CDC has now advised DAPC that it can move forward with co-opting two new councillors.

If you are interested in putting yourself forward please contact the clerk to register your interest either on 01285 851893 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The council will meet the following week to discuss and appoint two new councillors and confirm co-option to ensure the new councillors are in place by the next Parish Council meeting and the AGM on Tuesday 1st May 2018.

Speed Watch Group

20th April 2018

This initiative has run for the past two years with some limited success.

Unfortunately, due to the small number of volunteers coming forward it is becoming impossible to sustain teams of three to run the watch scheme during the weekly sessions.

A new co-coordinator is also required to take over the management of the scheme.

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