Down Ampney News


It is with some great relief that Down Ampney has been spared lightly during the current C19 pandemic, given that many places have suffered terribly. Our prayers and thoughts go to all who have been affected. Thanks must go again to all the wonderful helpers and volunteers in the village that have provided comfort and essentials to those in need.

Your parish council met (virtually) on 7 July to discuss village matters.

The effects of the C19 pandemic is still affecting normal services and will continue until the ‘all clear’ siren is sounded. CDC staff are working well but some delays are occurring in the supply of information and services which must be expected.

2nd WW mortar shell

The police were called in connection with the finding of a 2nd WW mortar shell at the rear of a garden in DA. Members or the royal Logistics Corp were called to render it safe and remove. This exercise caused great interest keeping the police busy in maintaining a safety cordon.

All ended safely


The over-ruling effects of Coronavirus continues to shadow all activity and it is a welcome relief that some relaxation of controls (recommendations) has occurred. Down Ampney has weathered the storm relatively easily and we are sure villagers are now looking forward to returning to what is being described as the ‘New Norm’.

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