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From Down Ampney Parish Council

Your parish council met on September 1st, again virtually owing to ongoing restrictions on public meetings. We welcomed one member of the public who attended the meeting.

During the meeting, routine matters were discussed including finance and planning.
Village finances are in good order. We are awaiting confirmation from the Sanctuary Group that they would assist in paying for the replacement soft play area which is badly in need of repair. Should they not do so then the parish council will, by necessity, have to pay for this work at some stage in the near future. We are advised that the replacement cost of the soft play area is in the region of £30k

Neighbourhood Plan meeting


A big “thank you” to everyone who turned up at the Drop-In meeting on 5th September. The Steering Group is busy analysing the comments with a view to incorporating the feedback in the Draft Plan. The display material has been uploaded to the Down Ampney website and it is not too late to make comments on the objectives and proposed policies, which have been formulated from the results of last year’s questionnaire. Feedback may be made by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in written form to Geoff Tappern (6 Linden Lea) or me (53 Down Ampney).

From Down Ampney Parish Council

August has been a relatively quiet month in terms of council activity but, behind the scenes, progress has been made on discussions with the Co-op seeing abandoned cottage gardens tidied and odd areas, finally, cut.

Our attentions are now drawn to the sale of both the two cottages near the war memorial and, more importantly, the offer to sell the orchard land to their rear, as well as the vacant land on the corner of Duke’s Field.  We are concerned that, once again, there is risk of over development. Given the experience of seeing what happened in the garden of No 55 DA we need a concerted effort to try to contain the numbers of new houses on both these plots.

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