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Your Parish council met on 5 November and missed bonfire night!

We welcomed two representatives of the police who gave a report on how policing happens in the area. Funding cuts and vacancies have meant that ‘manpower’ has been stretched with only one warranted police officer covering our Parish together with 29 others. He is assisted by two PCSO’s whilst awaiting another to join the area. Two recent burglaries were discussed, however no arrests have been made.
We are to receive regular contact with the police at future meetings to consider, and be advised of, any problems in our Parish.

Cllr Lisa Spivey brought the meeting up to date on the activities of the A419NAG group (the group of local villages fighting to have the A419 concrete section re-surfaced to reduce noise). She requested more people respond to the Highways England proposals to complete the ‘Missing Link’ (a dual-carriageway by-passing the Air Balloon pub on the A417) and to make issue of the fact that they are disregarding public concerns about the noise levels emanating from the concrete section of this road. Your Council has responded.

“Giant Voice” Tanoy System at RAF Fairford

Dear All,

I contacted you some time ago to let you know that there would be a monthly test of the “Giant Voice” tanoy system at RAF Fairford. The Giant Voice is a mass alert notification system, able to send a message across the base to all personnel in the case of an emergency.

The system has recently been upgraded, and will now be tested on a weekly basis, taking place at 1200 noon every Wednesday. The test will start and end with the words “exercise, exercise, this is a test of the giant voice system”, with a solid tone between. The whole test will take around 30 seconds.

From Down Ampney Parish Council

Work to restore the War Memorial has now been completed. We must thank Elizabeth for donating and planting the shrubs, Ray for donating bulbs as well as Ann and Andrew for donating bags of compost. A job well done, thank you.

Repairs have been undertaken to the play furniture that was recently vandalised. This is at a cost to the village of £80. Whilst we have an indication as to who was responsible, there is insufficient evidence to take matters further. The police have been informed and are prepared to act should such mischief happen again.

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