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Over the past 20 years, the playground has been enjoyed by many children from the village and the surrounding area, but the play surface now needs to be replaced to ensure that children can continue to play here for many years to come.

The annual RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) inspection last year reported that the surface was medium risk, but it has deteriorated further since then. If the playground is forced to close it would be an enormous loss to the community.

The removal of the old surface and its replacement with a new Wet Pour version would cost £40,000. Down Ampney Parish Council has allocated some money to start the fundraising project and is appealing for help to ensure that the resurfacing can take place.

Cllr Ray Jenkins, Chair of Down Ampney Parish Council, said: “This is such a worthwhile project as it will enable the playground to stay open. The money raised through crowdfunding will allow the children to continue to use these facilities. It is known that children’s health and well-being is really improved by access to good quality outside space.

“Making Down Ampney children’s playground safe will have a huge impact on the families in this village and surrounding villages.”

For more information about the project, to get involved or to donate, please contact

Even if you are unable to donate, please visit the site and ‘like’ our page to show your support.


Once again, mindless vandalism at the MUGA Pitch has been reported.

Idiots have lit what appears to be a bar-b-q on the actual pitch whilst damaging the bench which lies outside of the court.

Parents need warn their children, also teenagers, that such actions will lead to the area being closed.

The Parish Council has paid out over £400 to repair mindless vandalism, a growing fact that this village is now suffering, and will not tolerate going forward.

Down Ampney Parish Council

From Down Ampney Parish Council

Spring lambs in the fields bring much happiness to many and the appearance of the Jacob sheep with their beautiful offspring in the field opposite the school, particularly so.  Harbingers of spring are also bringing relaxations of restrictions and the chance to get out and about to see friends and relatives again. Do please though, stay safe.

Mineral Extraction in the Upper Thames Valley

The ‘Cross Boarder Upper Thames Parish Councils Committee’ is pursuing local County Councils and MPs to try to establish a better liaison between Oxfordshire, Wilts and Glos mineral planners regarding condition enforcement, restoration and opening of new quarries.

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