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We enter 2022 with hope that our lives may become more ‘normal’ and that the rise of all variants of Covid will abate. Let’s keep fingers crossed that this happens and we can enjoy other’s company without fear.

For some time now, a small, dedicated number of people have been slaving away on your behalf to create a Neighbourhood Plan. Once approved will be one that will set our future in terms of style and quantity of development and how the village will meet various criteria over the coming years.

Down Ampney January 2022 Newsletter

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During the latter part of 2021 we had the benefit of having Ted Crellin to help undertake small works that would have been otherwise neglected. We are grateful for his efforts and, hopefully, he will continue to help keep our village tidy.

The ‘Light’ for 2022 looks somewhat daunting to say the least.

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