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The Down Ampney Fundraising Group known as DAFFERS (Down Ampney Fund and Fundraising Entertainment Recreation Society) - was formed as a not for profit organisation entirely separate from the Village Hall Committee but using their facilities so we can organise events to generate funds for worthy causes in Down Ampney. The sub group’s activities are currently managed by :- Gareth Cope (Chairman), David Job, Keith Panther and Paul & Katie Vince.

Our aim is to provide events with a good level of entertainment, so the events are ‘sell outs’ and therefore maximize fundraising for needy causes.

The majority of the proceeds from the events in 2018 will go towards the Dog for Life for Ed Wheeler.

Eddie has a form of Autism called Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). This means that he struggles with all the normal difficulties that Autism brings but he also has to deal with a severe anxiety that pushes him in to his freeze/fight/flight reflex every time he’s asked to do something or perceives a demand e.g. talking quietly in a library.

Eddie uses so much energy just coping with daily life that it leaves him exhausted with no reserves to actually enjoy life. Just doing the school run for Oscar (Ed’s younger brother) means that Ed has to rest for a few hours so that he can cope with the school run in the afternoon without a meltdown.

When a meltdown happens, it is unpleasant for everyone. Eddie normally goes into fight mode which means that if he isn’t restrained then I will be attacked. I can be bitten, kicked, hit and punched. The adrenaline coursing through his body means that his strength increases and furniture can get thrown or damaged.

Once Eddie has calmed, he feels ill and completely exhausted. He always apologises and feels 
awful for what he has done.

The meltdowns are totally out of his control at the moment. He has learnt a few coping strategies but that will be a lifelong journey.

Eddie has always found dogs to be a calming presence. They don’t place any demands on him and he can completely relax around them. He loves the weight and bulk of a dog and has often been found snuggling up to Mia who belongs to a friend. This helps him ground himself and feel safe.

You can donate via our facebook donation page:

We will be applying for Charity status this year which will help us to raise even more funds towards good causes in and around Down Ampney.

We need other village groups (and individuals) to come forward and present the needs of their good cause so that we can add them to our list of recipients.

If we are successful we anticipate that events will continue, year on year until all good causes in the area are satisfied.

Dog Racing 20th April 2018

The Saga Louts - Sept 2017 Event

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