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Dear Friends

It’s a busy year for weddings and in recent weeks it has been great to see the faces of happy, expectant congregations waiting for the bride to arrive. Families and friends have gathered together to witness two people joining hands and joining lives together. A churchwarden once said to me that rain rarely falls on a wedding at Down Ampney!

But the vows on this happy day do point to some clouds on the horizon… It’s not all going to be sunshine, joy, smiles and confetti.

He says, ‘I will love you if we are rich’; the vow whispers, ‘But what if you are poor?’ She promises, ‘I will love you for better…. and for worse.’ He says, ‘I will love you if you are wel land…. in sickness too.’

Will those vows ever be called in? Yes, they will – but the couple do not know that now. And the scripture is read, ‘Love is patient, love is kind.. Love is not self-seeking… Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes… Love is..’ Yes, love is all those things. But the young couple often don’t know that yet either. On this most perfect of days many cannot yet know that love is not just a feeling, but a daily commitment to love in action – to love sometimes not just with the heart but with the will.
Love is deeper than a feeling, it is also about inten-tion, commitment, determination and much more (read 1 Corinthians 13). For some, love is even about giving up their life for another.

Loving is hard sometimes…

May God help me; may God help us; and may God give all those I have the privilege to join together this year (and in the past) sufficient love to take them through the good times and the bad.

Yours as ever — The Rev’d Canon John Swanton

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Sunday 29th August: 13th Sunday after Trinity

10am Parish Communion at Ampney St Peter

Sunday 5th September: 14th Sunday after Trinity

10am Parish Communion at Down Ampney

Sunday 12th September: 15th Sunday after Trinity

10am Parish Communion at Driffield

11am The Arnhem Service Memorial Field at Down Ampney

Sunday 19th September: 16th Sunday after Trinity and Battle of Britain Sunday

10am Parish Communion at Ampney Crucis

2.30pm Harvest Evensong and Consecration of the Churchyard Extension at Down Ampney

Sunday 26th September: 17th Sunday after Trinity

10am Parish Communion at Poulton

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