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Dear Friends

A New Year can be a good time for new starts, but you won’t find me buying gym membership this January – because I know I won’t use it!

However, I do use various forms of communication – email and websites, for example. I have decided that it’s time for a change – because my email has started to become unreliable; some people tell me they aren’t getting my emails; and the Diocesan computer system sends my emails directly to their ‘junk mail box’. “I’ve found you in the junk again, John” – came a message from the Bishop recently!

And I am told – by those who know about these things – that the website builder I have used for the church website no longer provides support and will fall over at some point. 

So New Year and a new change – of website and email for me! Our new church website is (I hope you like it) and my new email address for church matters is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Whilst change may be necessary, what doesn’t change is the steadfastness of God. His support isn’t time limited, but rather eternal; and he doesn’t think I’m junk either – but loves me and you more than we know and that’s eternal too.

Yours as ever — The Rev’d Canon John Swanton

01285 851309
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If there is someone out there who is competent with websites and could just give me (a Luddite) a hand with a couple of refinements on the website, I’d really appreciate a couple of hours help! Thank you.

Services at All Saints’ Church

Sunday 2nd January: Second Sunday of Christmas

10am Parish Communion at Down Ampney

Thursday 6th January: THE FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY

Noon Holy Communion at Harnhill

Sunday 9th January: The Baptism of Christ

8am Holy Communionat at Poulton

10am Parish Communion at Driffield

Sunday 16th January: The Second Sunday of Epiphany

10am Parish Communion at Ampney Crucis

Sunday 23rd January: The Third Sunday of Epiphany

10am Parish Communion at Poulton

Sunday 30th January: The Fourth Sunday of Epiphany

10am Parish Communion at Ampney St Peter

Eco Church

We have now received 400 small saplings to form a new hedge along the new burial ground boundary with the meadow. If you could give a hand by helping to plant some of these, I would be very grateful.

Do join us – with a spade – on Saturday 8th January from 10am – Noon.

Tea and Coffee available!

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